C.O.L.T. Journal

The Circle of Legal Trust Journal is a publication devoted to providing attorneys and other legal professionals with information helpful to the marketing of a law practice.  Lawyers must adhere to ethical guidelines and rules that don’t apply to many other businesses or even other professions.  At the same time, attorneys are business people like any other and need to market their business and make money to feed their family.  The C.O.L.T. Journal is a publication devoted to these types of issues.   We have a diverse group of lawyers and marketing professionals who contribute regular articles on various topics related to the marketing of a legal practice based upon real world experience in what works and what complies with the “rules of the game.”   Topics vary from search engine optimization to social media marketing and more.  We welcome new contributors with knowledge and expertise in these areas (for more information click here).

The colt journal

Issues Available:

Issue 1: October 2013